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Walk On (Book Review)

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Friends, I’m a sucker for a feel-good story about sports. However, Walk On: From Pee Wee Dropout to the NFL Sidelines–My Unlikely Story of Football, Purpose, and Following an Amazing God by Ben Malcolmson is a story that is so much more than that.

God used Ben in an extraordinary way, and He truly took His time doing it. Ben tells his personal faith journey, starting with his high school years and subsequent journey as a student at the University of Southern California. It ended with his young adult years.

It was at USC that he met Pete Carroll, than head coach of the famous NCAA Division 1 and PAC-12  Conference Trojans, who became his mentor, and who he works alongside of today as personal assistant to Carroll’s head coaching gig of the Seattle Seahawks. What started out as a story idea for the young journalism major, to walk the footsteps of a walk on football player’s journey through the process of football tryouts, ended up with Malcolmson actually getting a spot on the team.

Always recognizing that God has a plan for everything, he was determined to remain faithful to Him, despite the grueling ups and downs that comes with being a football player on a major college team. More often discouraged than not, he constantly tried to guess God’s will and plan for him within the team, and often came out frustrated, as his attempts at what he thought was what God wanted, seemed to always end badly. Isn’t that how it always is when we try to second guess the Lord?

When I read his story and how he was finally able to see the outcome of his faithfulness, many years later, the hair on my arms stood up and tears fell down my face. You will enjoy this book if you are a football fan, sure, but I highly recommend this book for any reader, especially if you doubt being faithful to God’s calling is worth it or if you are struggling to find your purpose. An amazing story.

I received an advanced copy of this book from Water Brook & Multnomah as a member of the launch team. All opinions are my own.

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