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The Teens’ Guide To Social Media and Mobile Devices (Book Review)

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The Teen’s Guide To Social Media & Mobile Devices: 21 Tips To Wise Posting In An Insecure World, by Jonathan McKee, is a must have for any parent and teen.

Although aimed at teens, I found this book to be very insightful, and would recommend that parents and teens go through the book together, and so does the author, which is why he starts the book with an introduction for parents. I love how he sums up why, we as parents, shouldn’t just hand a phone or other mobile device over to our teens with a strict list of rules, but rather, we should “…create a climate of continual conversation about social media and screen entertainment. The best rules after all, are those that cultivate conversation and equip kids to make decisions.”

Speaking in a down to earth, and sometimes funny manner, McKee starts the book with what it really means to be social and the importance of relating to each other in real life, and not just across the screen. He then dives into practical posting tips like privacy settings, downloading safe apps and no texting or driving. McKee also does a fantastic job of interweaving scripture, if necessary, with heavier topics, such as obsessive selfies and porn and finding value in “whose” you are. He also covers things like online bullying and making good music or video choices.

His book is very thoughtful and thorough. I highly suggest buying this book the same time you make the decision to allow your teen (and he does recommend that only children 13 and older have them and gives good reasons why) to have a device and go through the book together, perhaps before they get control of their device.

If your teen already has a phone, still grab this, and make a weekend of going through the book together. You may be surprised at the bonding and conversations that will come from it.

I was given a review copy from Barbour Publishing through Net Galley. All opinions are my own.

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