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Let The Small, Irritating Stuff Go And Focus On What Matters

God has a great way of redirecting you, doesn’t He?

I have a lot of pet peeves, like people going the wrong way in the Walmart parking lot, and then giving me the stink eye (or another unkind gesture…) because they can’t get by me. The nerve!

However, what really gets my goat, is people who have an inability to follow the rules of the road, whether it’s speeding, not using their signal, yakking on their phones and swerving all over…those drivers really get on my nerves. Like the fool who passed me this morning on a hill, which was on a curve and had a double line to boot! The same fool who turned left in front of a school bus going straight seconds before the light actually turned green. The same fool who was going so fast after he turned left, that when I turned left after the school bus went through the intersection, he was so far ahead, I couldn’t even see his tail lights! Argh!

Oh man, it really ticked me off…and I proceeded to run my trap about it until I dropped my son off at high school. How the guy should have left earlier if he was in such a hurry, or if he kept driving that way, his pretty little tinted window Caddy would not stay pretty too much longer, with the accident he was bound to cause. I don’t know what else I said, but my oldest finally said to me, “Okay, Mom, I get it. You’re in a bad mood.”

What?! Oh, that kid. Now, one would think that little insight from my snarky teen would pull me back to reality.


I was still irritated about it at the Dunkin Donuts ten minutes later, after I dropped him off at school. I kept talking to my youngest in the back seat, “Right? Right? Mommy is right, he was so wrong to drive like that.” He merely grumbled at me,” Whatever, Mommy.”

This is where God stepped in. I pulled forward to pay for my coffee and our breakfast. I tried to hand my card to the girl at the window and she shook her head, handing me my food. “No, that’s okay. The car in front of you paid for your order.”

Sigh. Okay, Lord…I hear you.

I admit, I have the tendency sometimes to let the little things or the things that I have absolutely no control over, really get under my skin. Although that driver was wrong (clearly!), what was the purpose in me continuing to harp on it? It was not my problem nor in my control.

The only thing I accomplished was allowing Satan to take the irritation of a passing moment along with me on the rest of the ride to school. Time spent irritated over something I couldn’t change or control, that could have been time spent talking with my sons. Not a good example to set, either. “That’s right kids, when you clearly have no control over someone else’s actions, harp on it, because that will lead to an awesome nasty attitude, plus time wasted, which is what we want in life.”


So, to the wonderful person in front of me at the Dunkin Donuts this morning, thank you for your act of kindness. God used you to redirect this mama’s  foolish attitude and show her what really matters: an attitude focused on loving God and loving others, something I can and should strive to control.

God is good…and has our back.



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