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God Gave Us Family (Children’s Book Review)

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God Gave Us Family, by Lisa Tawn Bergren, is the latest installment of the bestselling God Gave Us You series. This book features beautiful and engaging illustrations by David Holm. His artwork adds detail to the story, and children will sure to love seeing them.

This beautiful book features a young wolf pup and his parents. They are traveling to a family reunion.  Along the way, Little Pup sees other young animals playing with siblings, the young pup asks his mama why there is only one kid in their family. His mama replies, “Well, Little Pup, you’re the only child we have so far; and maybe the only one we will ever have. But we thank God for you. Your arrival made us a family.” (pg. 2-3)

As their journey continues, he comments about the different families they see along the way: families with a lot of siblings, families where a sibling looks different because of adoption or families where kids only have Mommy at home with Daddy in a different home.

Little Pup’s parents patiently explain to him, that all families may look different, but they are still the families God gave them. As such, we need to love the family we have, without wondering what could or should be. More importantly, the book emphasizes that we are all part of a bigger family: God’s family, and we can depend on that family as well.

I really enjoyed this book and think it is good tool to use for families with one child, situations of divorce, or adoption. I think these sensitive subjects are addressed nicely for children and stress that no matter what your family situation may be, albeit not the traditional nuclear family, God still loves your family and has blessed your family all the same.

A beautiful book that reminds children that God loves them and always has their back.

Please note, I was given an advance copy of this book from Blogging for Books. All opinions are my own.

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