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Want To Experience A Power-Full Life? Anchor In.

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“The biggest problem we face is not a lack of God’s power, it’s realizing where real power comes from…It doesn’t come from you, and it doesn’t come from me. It comes from the Holy Spirit of God within each and every believer…Until we fully and completely accept that real power comes from God and God alone, we will never really experience it. The power we desperately desire is distinctly divine…God’s power is present in people who pursue it…God’s power is worthy of worship before worry sets in.” (Chapter 1)

Micah Maddox issues this powerful reminder within the first few pages of her new book, Anchored In: Experiencing a Power-Full Life in a Problem Filled World. Micah uses personal experiences and Biblical foundations to remind us that too often we try and rely on our own power amid our troubles, and not on the Lord or the help He left us in the Holy Spirit. Micah teaches these truths in an engaging, caring and personal manner that is relatable.

The book is arranged in four parts: Past Power, Present Power, Potential Power and Anchored in the Promise of God’s Presence. It has twelve chapters, which can easily be used as a weekly devotional or study. There are three sections at the end of each chapter, Questions To Ponder, which are awesome for journaling, Praying God’s Power, a prayer you can read and claim and Experiencing God’s Presence, a scripture that lends the chapter contents to further meditation and study.

I absolutely loved this book, and found myself in tears often. This is a book for anyone who has in the past or is currently ensnared in the deep, messy trenches of life. Whether you are facing every day, mundane, aggravating problems, or a gut-wrenching tragedy, the truths that God speaks through Micah in this book will resonate and comfort:


“Whatever your darkness is, God doesn’t expect you to rise above it, but He will be there when you are ready to let Him carry you through it. When the waves are high, the wind is heavy, and you feel like you can’t take one more moment of it, God is present in it all.” (Chapter 3)

I could continue to list more of Micah’s beautiful insights, but instead I encourage you to order this book, grab your go to hot drink, journal and Bible, and discover your own comfort found within the pages. To order this book, please click here.

Until next time, remember, He has your back!

Please note, I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.




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