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Prayer Doesn’t Have To Be Hard (Book Review)

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If you are looking for an easy read on the subject of prayer, peruse no farther. Prayer is such a lofty topic, this whole talking to God, the creator of the universe, thing. It is intimidating when we allow ourselves to dwell on the enormity of it. Yet, it does not have to be. Adam Weber has written a delightful, insightful and most importantly, a Biblically based reminder that prayer does not have to be complex. His book, “Talking With God”, reminds you that prayer is, in fact, simple.

Using stories from his personal prayer journey backed with scriptural foundations, you will find this book to be an easy and enjoyable read. The book is arranged in three sections: The God We Talk With, The Way We Pray and How to Pray When. This third section could be used as quick, standalone reads, if you are struggling in any particular area of prayer.

It is not just a book for new believers, but for anyone who has ever struggled maintaining a fruitful and meaningful prayer life. In the beginning of the book, he reminds us that we are often throwing up random prayers without much thought. I know I do. Currently, I am sure that I am shouting, at least a million times a day, “Lord, help me make it through the teenage years!” I love how he sums up those kind of prayers:

“Whether we’re pursuing God or not, the words, our prayers, just come out. However, something changes when we have a relationship with God. Because our hearts are alive, we’re alive. And because we’re alive, our prayers come alive. Instead of just speaking words to someone, we’re talking with someone. With God. There’s foundation. A relationship. With Jesus.” (pg.25)

Weber also talks of how essential and vital a prayer life is to your relationship with Jesus. It’s something we need to prioritize in the busyness of our days. He says that “…instead of making excuses, we have to get to the place where we so clearly realize our desperate need for talking with God that it becomes a priority…” because when we do, “…something changes when prayer slowly becomes as natural as breathing. When we figure out that it no longer takes energy. Instead prayer fills us with life.” (pg. 61)

He also covers other areas that consistent prayer will help you with, such as a bad day or the big things, such as, freedom from turmoil, grace, and forgiveness. He ends the book with this:

“Moments with God are possible, and they exist within each and every day. Beautiful moments. Stressful moments. Broken moments…There are moments to connect with God, moments to experience with God, moments to trust God, moments to come to know him more fully, and moments to talk with God…Talking with God-this is how we fully experience these moments.” (pg. 180)

If you are looking for a book to help develop or enhance your prayer life, then this is the book for you.

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