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Like It Or Not, You Are Raising An Original

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Isn’t that some food for thought? There is certainly more where that came from. Check it out.

A couple of weeks before its release on September 13th, I was contacted by email by the manager of the launch team for the new book, “Raising An Original: Parenting Each Child According To Their Unique God-Given Temperament.” I had been on a book launch team he had managed this past February. “I have a book for you that I think may be right up your alley.” The title alone was intriguing enough that I quickly jumped at the opportunity. That combined with the fact I am actually raising two, but distinctly different, originals had me quickly tearing in to the book a few days later when I received it in the mail.

“There’s no manual on how to raise your kid. Because no one has done it before. You’ve been invited by God to participate in a truly singular event-the upbringing of a person who has never before existed, someone with a fresh blend of characteristics, gifts and purpose. A new life with a specificity of God’s intent.” (pg. 25)

“God has sent your child into your arms and into your house and heart for a reason and a season. Whether your child is a challenge or a charm, an easy-going peacemaker or a complex essence, God has imbued him or her to be a presence in this generation, in this culture, in this epoch. And He appointed you as that child’s parent. That child’s guide. That child’s coach and cheerleader and advocate and disciplinarian.” (pg. 26)

When I read these two gems within the first few pages, I knew that this book was going to be pretty awesome and it absolutely did not disappoint. Julie Lyles Carr’s writing is both delightful and insightful. Julie is a Jesus girl first. She also has a degree in psychology. These two things combined with the experience of being a wife for twenty six years and mother to eight of her own children, gives heavy credence, in my humble opinion, to the advice she expertly dishes out in the pages of her book. She writes with the familiarity of a friend who has been in the deep trenches of parenthood with you; with all the humor, tears and messiness that entails. She transparently uses stories from her parenting walk to teach her readers how they can be more equipped to come out on the other side of this parenting thing in once piece.

That advice starts with the most basic reminder that our children are, first and foremost, given to us from the Lord. That’s fundamental to understand, especially as a Christian parent. Really grasping that fact can help us to better understand the second basic reminder she gives us. If they are from God, then our children are uniquely made (there’s not one other person on the planet exactly like them!) and we, as their parents, are uniquely equipped by God to raise our uniquely made children according to His will and His plans. Like I say all the time, she reminds her readers that the Lord has their backs. He’s right there in the parenting trenches with us and we really need to remember that.

Julie then addresses issues such as individuality, busyness, living vicariously through our children, and launching them out into the world. She infuses the advice with scriptural foundations. I truly loved this book. I am a highlighter and the pages within the covers of this book are alight in shades of hot pink and green. I have written down quotes on cards and posted them in various locations such as my nightstand, desk and bathroom mirror so that I can be reminded in the midst of a particular parenting struggle of her encouraging words. I would love to share them all with you, but, I want you to go and read this book yourself! I will however, share this additional gem to encourage you to read this book: ROPES: Raising An Original Personality Evaluation Summary.

This tool developed by Julie was astoundingly spot on when I went through it for both my children and myself. This is a personality assessment that includes an area for you to answer questions about your child as well as a part for your child to answer questions about themselves. The test is designed to give you better insight into your child’s personality so that you can have a better understanding of how God designed them and how you, as their parent, can use that understanding to relate to them or show more empathy towards them, especially if your assessment deems you to be the complete opposite of your child (Hello! Hand raised here on that one!). For example, while I am a people oriented extrovert with the dominate personality of an inspirer/director blend, I have one child who is a task oriented introvert, with the dominate personality of director/curator blend and another child who is a task oriented extrovert, with the dominate personality of curator/inspirer blend. While I was already clued in on the people vs task oriented, introvert vs extrovert aspects of all three of us, the actual personality descriptors and subsequent insights have proven to be invaluable the last two weeks as unforeseen changes have occurred in our household with regards to our children. Julie also gives Biblical references for each personality, which I just love. You can read them to your child and they can see someone in the Bible who closely relates to their own feelings and experiences.

In closing, I want to quote one last beautiful quote to encourage you to purchase this book today:

“In the weaving of originality, strength and weakness, fullness and space, power and frailty all have their place in the fabric. Sometimes, the very things we see as a lack are the very places where God shows up in the richness of His purpose…God hasn’t asked is to raise perfect children. He’s asked us to raise purposed children. Let’s elevate divine purpose over human definitions of perfection.” (Pg. 221)

Remember, He’s got our back!

Raising an Original: Parenting Each Child According to their Unique God-Given Temperament by [Carr, Julie Lyles] To purchase “Raising An Original,” please click here.

***Please note, I was given a free, advanced coy of this book for an honest review.





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