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Diary of An All Boy Mom Entry 1: Laughter, Dares & Broken Noses



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Entry 1: Laughter, Dares & Broken Noses

The following moment of joy occurred about a month ago. My oldest is 13 1/2 and my youngest just turned 10 in March. They are at that  wonderful stage where they can joke and laugh with each other, and then, in ten seconds flat, utterly annoy one another until a fight ensues. It’s. So. Much. Fun.

My husband and I took the kiddos to a local diner for dinner.  The diner was having a special of 40% off your bill to celebrate their anniversary. Who was I to spoil the celebration? So, off we took them. (And, yes. Maybe it had a wee bit to do with getting out of cooking dinner that night…)  They  were a bit loud and goofy and we had to shush them a lot. Thankfully, diners being diners, they could get away a bit with being loud, considering the noisy ambience. But, even so, they were pretty wound up by the time we left.  On the way home in the car, their “friendly” banter escalated:

13 Year Old: “Oww!! Mom, Bubba slammed my nose.”

10 Year Old: Laughs hysterically, laced with evil undertones.

13 Year Old: “Look, Mom, it hurts!”

I gave my standard, “Oh, well, that’s what you get for messing around,” and turn to toward the back seat to look, and I winced a little, because, admittedly, his nose was pretty red.

 10 Year Old: “Yeah, well you broke my nose…twice!!”

 So, that’s true, and I laugh at my 10 year old’s comedic timing, garnering a glare from my 13 year old. I forgot, I am not allowed to laugh at them.

 13 Year Old: “Want to make it three?”

 10 Year Old:  “Go ahead and do it, I dare you!”

 13 Year Old raises his fist, and launches into the following perfect parody of Adele’s Hello: “Hello, can you hear me…can’t say that I’m sorry, for breaking your nose twice…but it don’t matter…because all you do, is fart all the time, oh yeah!!”

Complete brawl ensues.

If you only have girls, you’re surely confused, but I’m really loving this boy life and boy mom gig. Never. A. Dull. Moment.

Thank goodness, He always has my back!


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