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Get Moving! Don’t Give the Devil A Dance Floor!

be[1]Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I promised to share more of my visit to the Women of Faith conference in Philly last September, and I certainly aim to please! Next up is Christine Caine.

Christine  was so awesome, I just can’t explain how much. She is an Australian spitfire who is on fire for the Lord. She’s a phenomenonol author, speaker, pastor, evangelist and more. I highly  recommend that you  visit her website (www.ChristineCaine.com) and peruse it. There are some awesome resources, including podcasts and a daily devotion. Check her out! Meanwhile, here are some notes and thoughts  I took when she spoke:

If it’s in the Word of God, you can claim those promises for your own life.

This is so great! Think about that, we are battling the devil in our struggles. Really, we are. When we are struggling, are we reacting in a way that is making the devil dance, or are we clinging to the promises in the Word to work through our struggles? Honestly, I think I have probably made the devil dance a little too much. I need to cling more to those promises, how about you?

We are not here to be comfortable. We are here to kick some serious devil butt in order to advance the Kingdom of God.


We are ALWAYS in the process of becoming Christ like. We will never get there, that’s a fact. But, that doesn’t mean you should ever stop trying.

If you are staying where you are at, just always be complacent in your walk, or where you serve, than that place where you serve can become an anchor and pull you down. You should ALWAYS seek to serve BETTER. You shouldn’t be saying, “My time to serve here is over, it’s someone’s else’s turn,” and walk away from serving. Nope. You should be saying to yourself, “Okay, I got this far. What’s next Lord?” Even if you are serving at a point in your ministry where it’s fantastic, and things are great, it’s not doing any good to the Kingdom of God if you keep that ministry where it is. You cannot advance the Kingdom of God if you choose to walk away or stay where you are. Never stop serving no matter your age. It’s what you’re called to do your entire Christian life.

     Oh my gosh!! This is so great! I’m in a point in my life, that I love organizing outreaches and children’s church and other related such things. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “No, I can’t help you. I’ve served my time. It’s not my time to serve anymore.”  I have also felt that I’ve finally reached a great point with one of the things I served on. That everything is running smoothly, etc. I’m comfortable with where it is. But, according to this and, which is grounded in the Word, I should be praying and asking, “Okay, Lord. Where can I take this ministry next? What is your will for me?” Anybody else feeling me? And if you’re a person whose sentiments are your time to serve is over, well, that’s just not true. Yes, maybe, your time on that particular ministry is done. But, no matter our age, we should ALWAYS be looking for a way to serve the Lord. It’s in the Word. We are created to serve. There’s just no getting around it.

You should fill yourself with Jesus. But, no we are too busy filling ourself with other stuff and our time with other things. NO WONDER, NO WONDER. NO WONDER!! You and this world become so filled with negativity, disillusions and disappointments. Your filling yourself and time with the wrong stuff. Can you imagine if you filled yourself with the Word of God, instead of watching that garbage reality show for an hour? Can you imagine what you could accomplish in His names? You can’t miss that show, right?

WOW!!! You could practically here an audible hush in the arena, such an “ouch” moment this was. She was really fired up at this point. I’ve personally done much better the past year in digging in the Word and doing devotions with my kids, but, I can still do better. I still have moments evey week where I will skip it. I’m too tired. The kids are too cranky. I’ve got too much stuff to do. But, holy cow, I’ve spent hours reading books, shuffling my kids to activites, or catching up on a favorite show on Netflix. All, “can’t miss” stuff. But, really, they’re not. They can be missed and without any damage to myself or the kids. But, missing time digging into the Word? That can be damaging. I am called to surround my kids with the Word of God. Not with activities and sports. Don’t get me wrong, that stuff is great and can be beneficial. But those times I’m going a week without the Word, than those things become a problem because your ar elevating them above the Word and your kids are learning those things mean more than His Word. 

There is no nutritional value in routines and ruts. God is a God who keeps moving. The people of God need to move on as well. Why allow one little moment to define the rest of your life, no matter how terrible that moment was. Allow Jesus to redeem that moment and MOVE ON!

The devil on his best day, can’t ever take Him out! So, if He’s in you, that means the devil can’t take you out either, even if it’s your worst day.

Without faith, it’s impossible to please God. See beyond your obstacle, to the promises of God’s truth.

A spirit of fear cripples faith. put the Word of God above it all.

I’ve been extremely blessed in my life. I really have. Yes, I’ve had grandparents pass away, financial problems from time to time, and the occasional minor health scare. These things are absolutely devastating in the moment, but at the end of the day, compared to what some people go through, I’m extremely blessed. And yet, I often let these things, or even the smallest of things, (Oh my gosh! My husband didn’t stop at the store like I asked! My two boys won’t settle down and it’s bedtime!) tear me down, hold me back, ruin my day. Or my week. Or my month. She had a great point and it was an extreme point that caused me to look different at some circumstances that I let dictate my reactions in the days to come. She talked about how she was  sexually abused as a child for 13 years. She was now 48 years old. She had been free from abuse for much longer than the abuse was occurring. She let Jesus redeem her. She forgave. She moved on. She was not going to let, what amounted to a small time in her life, hold her back from advancing the Kingdom of God. From fulfilling the purpose God had for her. So, why in the world should I, or you, let  anything hold us back? Man, that’s just giving the devil some more music to dance to! I, for one, don’t want to continue to keep playing that song. Who’s with me?

Until next time, remember, He’s got your back!


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