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Five Last Minute Super Bowl Appetizer Recipes

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I’m just wondering how many of you had the Super Bowl sneak up on you, like it did to me? Well, don’t worry about scurrying for delicious snack ideas for the big game because I did the work for you. I found some awesome recipes on Pinterest that will all be quick and easy to make, and light on your purse as well. Best be sure to have a full belly before you read, or you’ll be heading to the fridge, scrounging for ingredients before you’re even done reading this post!

Be sure to click on each recipe title to link to recipe!

1. Garlic Cheese Bombs









2. Deep Fried Olives














3. Loaded Cheesy Mashed Potato Ballspotato balls















4. Pepperoni Roll Ups
















5. Buffalo Chicken Pizza Sticks










Enjoy! Remember, He’s got your back!









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