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In Case You Didn’t Know, Jersey Got Some Snow


Boy did we ever! About a foot, and as I write this, another eight inches is expected overnight. Church is closed tomorrow, and living in the middle of the country, I am pretty sure school will be nixed, come Monday morning, as well. Our plows have trouble clearing our back roads with a few inches of snow, often taking a few days to accomplish. Who knows when they’ll get around to us with this much white stuff laying around!

I honestly think, don’t you, that this should fill our quota here in South Jersey for the rest of the season. I know that there are some die hard, snow lovers out there. But, personally, I just do not see the appeal in the cold and wet stuff. Sure, it’s pretty for a moment or two, but after that…it’s just cold and wet.

I jokingly said to my kiddos this morning, “Look, I know that Mommy told you there is a purpose for everything and a season for every activity under heaven, but really, winter and snow, hmmm, not too sure there is much purpose in that.” To which they loudly responded, “When can we go out sledding?”

There lies  the beauty of snow and winter for me. They enjoy it and their joy brings a smile to my face.

After wrapping them up in multiple layers (which took, what felt like, multiple hours to accomplish), I sent them outside to sled away the day. We are snowed in at my parent’s house and they are enjoying the very same hills and woods that my siblings and I spent years enjoying ourselves, which is pretty cool.

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Can you see how the fall leaves are still clinging to the trees, despite a blizzard? Boy, can I feel their pain!

I watched them for a bit as they had a blast with their Gramps outside in the snow. They stayed outside all afternoon, until, cold and wet, cold and wet, people, they came inside and managed, somehow, to crawl out of all  their gear and into the TV room for some lounging and snacks.

Now, if you are the parent of a boy, you know they were not finished with this going outside in a blizzard nonsense. No, not at all. After the said gear had somewhat been dried in the dryer, their bellies were momentarily filled, the temps had dropped to not just frigid, but below frigid, night had fallen and said blizzard resumed, they decided it was, once again, time to return outdoors. Being the cool mom that I am, I allowed them to. Once outside, they promptly thought it a wonderful time to wrestle and wrestle hard. After a few knocks on the back door to tattle on one another for a hard tackle or two, and a threat or two from me of coming indoors sooner than later, they resumed their wrestling and some good natured snowball fighting, which was quite funny to watch from the toasty kitchen window.

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This, friends, is what is pretty darn awesome about the cold, wet, white stuff. It’s what I actually love about the snow. Not when it’s a nuisance you that still have to go out in. I love the kind like this, when there’s enough of it laying around to shut everything down, literally, and you are forced out of the craziness that is your everyday schedule, and into a time of just being together, as a family. As I drink unhealthy amounts of coffee, I get to watch my parents love on my kids, watch my mom get enjoyment as she prepares hearty, big meals  for the people she loves, watch my dad get a kick out of building a ramp on the sledding hill so he can  launch his grandsons two feet in the air on their sleds, and I even love  watching my kids half heartedly try to kill each other as they wrestle in the snow.

Please, though, don’t tell anyone that I ever said the words “love” and “snow” in the same sentence, especially not my pastor or Lori or Catherine, who will always and forever be my snow loving nemeses, and always remember, He’s got your back.





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