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Just Say, “Yes, Lord!”


Hi ladies! Today I want to share more notes I took at the Women of Faith Conference this past September. All of the speakers were just fantastic, but there is just something about Patsy Clairmont that will put an extra big smile on your face. She’s cheerful, funny and, most of all, has a huge heart and insight to the Lord. I loved her! Here are some notes I took, followed by what insight I was able to gain from her presentation.

-Say, “Yes, Lord!” first thing in the morning and it will serve you well the rest of the day.

This is so good. There are many days that I wake up and say, “Ugh. Let me just get up and get this day over with,” or  “I can not wait to come home and go to bed.” I admit, today, I woke up wanting to take a nap. Seriously, though, can’t you relate? You get in a funk and you let it stay with you and fester and you ruin your days before they even start. I am very guilty of this. The truth is, friends, that we are forgetting that all of our days are a gift! The writer of Psalm 118 tells us, “This is the day the Lord had made! We will rejoice and be glad in it.” If we believe that, then we should be waking up each day with a thankful heart and exclaim, “Yes, Lord! I am thankful for this day. What is my purpose for you today?”

-When we are having hard times or troubles, we should not be asking, “Please, fix me Lord.” Instead we should be saying , “Lord, I’ll do whatever you ask of me.”

When Patsy said this, you could see the entire audience cringe. Ouch! As humans, we are sinful and selfish by nature. When you add in some trial and tribulation to that mix, well, you start to throw a pity party for yourself and wonder just what you did to deserve a bad_________(insert your choice here: marriage, job, financial or medical issues, etc). You may even get angry and call out for God to fix you or you problems for you. You cry out in prayer to Him and want instant return on them. You wait, and wait, and wait for the answer from Him on how to fix your situation, growing angrier with your situation, and likely allowing it to affect every area of your life and those around you.  Yet, you do nothing to help yourself. Our prayers should include asking for guidance in what to do, instead of demanding it to be done for us. Are we seeking out wise counsel in our marriage and following the advice given? Are we actively seeking ways to better our finances, even if it means working an extra job or two? Are we actively following the doctor’s advice or are we ignoring it, instead choosing to listen to Dr. Google? See where I am going here? Yes, we are to cry out to God for help. But, generally, when you are asking for help, that very concepts suggest that you are indeed, doing some of the work yourself to get the job done. We are called to serve and part of serving is listening to the Holy Spirit’s guidance on what to do and not wait for it to be done for us and then get angry when the Lord seemingly isn’t giving us what we want.

-You must make a choice to do the next right thing. God’s Spirit will make you feel better about yourself and you have better to give to someone else.

This statement is all about choosing to see beyond your circumstances. Sure, you may be having a really bad day (or month or year…), but CHOOSE to seek joy beyond them through the guidance of the Lord. You will have a better outlook and can, in turn, help someone else out.

-When you place roadblocks on yourself, you give the enemy spaces to tap dance into. Be obedient: fill those spaces with the Word of God. We can be more than we know, because He is greater than we can imagine.

This was awesome! I underlined it and circled it and went over it with my pen a few times. I wanted it to stand out on my page of notes. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that we can not do or accomplish when we put our faith and trust in the Lord. However, we like to pretend that there are limitations to what He can do. No, we don’t audibly say, “You know what, Lord? This is just to big for you to accomplish. It’s not possible.” We would never say that to Him. But, that is exactly what we are implying when we don’t seek out guidance from Him, or answer challenges with, “Well, I could, but…” There are not buts with God. No limitations. When we allow ourselves to doubt this, we allow spaces for Satan to wedge into. Patsy says he will tap dance in them. Have you ever watched a tap dancer? They are quick, fast moving, and joyful!! Make no mistake, Satan takes delight in our doubts and is right there making sure those doubts grow. Take away Satan’s tap shoes by immersing yourself in the Word of God!!! Ladies, fill yourself up with it and there will be no room for doubt. You will be confident that nothing is impossible for the Lord to accomplish. We can not even BEGIN to imagine what he has in store for us!!

-You were not meant to do this life alone. First, trust God. Get into His Word. Then, take a step, then another one. He’ll meet you at each step, with dignity.

These last words from Patsy can be summed up with the same few words I like to tell you every post and that’s to remember that He’s got your back. He really does. He’s rooting for us even when we don’t or won’t root for ourselves. The more we dig into His Word, the more we begin to both see and feel the truth in these words. There’s not too many promises that are easily kept, but this I promise you: Dig into His Truth, call out His name and He will always meet you where you are, eager to carry your burdens for you. He’ll never leave you and He’ll always have your back. 


Enjoy a short video of Patty :


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