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Quinn Says Goodbye (Book Review For Children)

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Simply put, Quinn Says Goodbye by Christie Thomas and illustrated by Sydney Hanson, is a beautiful story, with beautiful illustrations and a beautiful message.

This delightful release from Harvest Kids, a division of Harvest House Publishers, tells the story of Quinn, a young owl who wakes one evening to find an injured firefly in need of her care next to her nest.

As she and her mama nurse the little firefly back to health, Quinn takes a liking to the little bug, whom she names Blink. She delights in the glow of Blink’s tail and watching him fly. Each time she wakes at night, she looks forward to seeing her new friend.

After caring for Blink for quite a while, Quinn wakes one night to find Blink gone and is heartbroken. Her mama gently reminds her that they talked of how one day Blink would be well enough to fly back to his own family. Quinn doesn’t want to hear this and takes off, determined to find Blink and bring him back to her tree. She flies all through the trees, unable to locate Blink. She returns to her mama exhausted, still heartbroken and wanting to know why God didn’t just make Blink stay with them.

Mama tells Quinn that while God doesn’t always stop bad things from happening, he is always there for her when they do happen, and God will always be her friend.

This lovely story ends with Quinn and Mama praying to God about missing Blink yet thanking God for his love and never leaving her.

I absolutely loved this book and think it would be a wonderful story for young ones who are going through a  loss or encountering bad times. I believe it does a good job of taking a heavy subject that can be hard for children to understand, and putting in a way that allows them to understand at a simple level that God always loves them and no matter what is happening, God is always there for them.

There was also a fun extra feature of neat information on fireflies, as well as questions and scripture adults can use to ask children after they read it to ensure that they understand the meaning of the story.

I highly recommend this book.

Please note, I was given an advance copy of this book by the publisher through NetGalley.

It is available on August 6, 2019. To pre-order, please click here.


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